Fimco Sprayers.

Fimco Sprayers

Platt quads are pleased to supply our customers with the Fimco range, which offers a wide variety of Quad bike Sprayers. Featuring ATV (All terrain Vehicle) sprayers from 15 gallon through to 25 gallon.

Fimco delivers a versatile line of products that feature quick release booms, boomless booms, nozzle booms, lever handguns and Fimco exclusive manifolds for precision adjustment.

If you require a sprayer for your quad bike then please check out the full range in our implements section, Where we have product’s to suit various markets including Agriculture, Equestrian, Ground Care and Estate management.

Should you require a Flail mower, Rotary Mower or Pasture topper then please check out our sister company Rican ATV where you will find a comprehensive range of brand new Logic and Wessex ATV equipment

For any further information on any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us :



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